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School Fundraising for Nutrition Kits

At only nine years old, young Ishaan* already dreams of being a doctor when he grows up so that he can help people who are sick. His little sister, Pari*, is six, but neither of them have been able to attend school since last year. You see, their daddy passed away two years ago. Now, their mommy is so sick with the same disease** that their daddy had that she hasn’t been able to work to pay for school fees, or school uniforms. Ishaan worries for his mom and doesn’t like to see her hurting all the time; she doesn’t seem to be getting any better. At night, Ishaan lies awake on his sleeping mat on the floor after going to bed again without any supper. As he drifts off to sleep, he wonders if his dreams of becoming a doctor will ever come true.

Nutrition Kits for Kids

Homes of Hope (orphanages) in India are located in or nearby communities where there are many families suffering from a kind of sickness that, unless they are careful, can spread from one person to another. Moms and dads, and brothers and sisters just like Ishaan’s, are sometimes too sick to work or go to school. Sadly, many pass away at a young age because they don’t have proper knowledge about the disease, medicine, and proper nutrition.

Contents of a Nutrition Kit.

Contents of a Nutrition Kit.

What’s in a Nutrition Kit?

Staff at our Homes of Hope want to help these families, and to show them the love of Jesus. Because of this love, they teach classes about hygiene and give out Nutrition Kits that are full of healthy food supplements and hygiene supplies. Families receive staple foods like milk powder, baby formula, cooking oil, wheat flour, dhal (made from dried split legume seeds). The kits also include soap, baby oil, biscuits, and other essentials based on the needs of each family. When parents receive a Nutrition Kit, the kids are the ones who really benefit the most. It can literally change their life in many ways.

Pictures of nutrition kits and kids receiving them.

Pictures of nutrition kits and kids receiving them.

How Nutrition Kits help kids and families

When a family goes home with a Nutrition Kit, they are able to add extra protein into their diets to give them energy and strength. The medicine they are taking to help with their sickness works much better in their bodies when they have good food to go with it. As a result, the whole family is healthier. Children can attend school and parents are well enough to work and provide a little more money for their family.

Most families who are suffering from sickness can’t work and they have very little money. When they come to a Home of Hope to take classes or receive a Nutrition Kit, they can do so freely—at no cost. This often makes them curious to know why the staff show them so much love and care. It is a great opportunity to share about the good news of Jesus.

What is needed

A few months ago, the Nutrition Kits that were in stock ran out. Staff didn’t have the money to go shopping for more supplies to make more Nutrition Kits, so sick families have been going home empty handed. In addition, some of the families who normally would receive Kits were unable to because they didn’t have money (about $5) to pay the bus fare to travel to a Home of Hope.

How your donation will make a difference

Your donation, no matter how small or large, will be a tremendous help toward the $15,000 goal. Home of Hope staff will be able to shop for and replenish their stock of goods. They will then assemble the kits with everything the families will need to be more healthy, and once again commence classes about Nutrition and disease prevention. Invitations will be sent out to these families, along with some financial help towards transportation. Needy families will receive HOPE for today and for eternity because you cared enough to get involved.

* Names changed per Send Hope Child Protection Policy

** The disease referred to here is HIV/AIDS. This page is meant to provide young children the opportunity to know about this need in India and be involved in making a difference, without necessarily getting into the details surrounding the disease.