Financial Stewardship

Since 1989, Send HOPE Now has been under the capable administration of one local church. Now, though, as an independent nonprofit organization, we are deeply committed to establishing strong lines of financial accountability so that we can be excellent stewards of this ministry that ultimately belongs to the Lord.

We aim to operate with efficiency and transparency, so you can understand how your gift is invested, and so you can be confident that you are sending HOPE to the beautiful people of India for today and for eternity.

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How operations are funded

We aim to keep Stateside Operational costs lean, so that as much funding as possible can be sent to projects and programs in India, while still adequately covering vital administrative costs such as staff salaries, fundraising travel, government and finance fees, postage, and equipment. To assist us in this goal, ministry partners—churches, businesses, and individuals—donate directly for these needs so that the majority of your donations can be directed to India.

How your donation is invested

Send Hope Now financial policy allocates a full 90% of your donation to India, and 10% of your gift helps offset the remaining cost of Stateside Operations.

Please note

We take every effort to ensure your gifts are used as designated towards the program or project of your choice in India. On rare occasions, however, if we receive more than enough money to complete a project, or if due to unforeseen circumstances a project cannot be completed in a timely manner, the Send Hope Board of Directors reserves the right to reallocate funds to the next most urgent need in the ministry.

Third-party auditing and reporting

In India every year, annual audits are conducted by a third-party accounting firm so that we can have confidence that funds are being spent as designated. We are happy to report that each year, to date, these audits have been passed successfully.

Since Send HOPE Now is a new nonprofit organization, and we are working hard this year (2019) to fulfill the standards set forth by third party accountability groups such as the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

If you have any questions, or would like to inquire further about financial matters of Send HOPE Now, please contact our office.

Annual Reports: