Your Financial Commitment

How do I update my payment information?

If you have a automatic recurring donation, you can update your billing information by selecting "Login" from the header menu and then selecting "My Billing Information". If this is your first time accessing your billing information via this new (Jan. 2018) donation site, you will need to "Claim Your Account" using the email address you used to set up your sponsorship. After your login has been established you may log in anytime. Once you're logged in to your Giving Fuel account profile select the "Donation" tab. Select "View Details" link for the sponsorship you wish to update and then click "edit" to change your recurring date and/or payment account. For example, if you sponsor a child, pastor, and community outreach you will need to update the details for each sponsorship.

Check out these video tutorials on how to: Login to view your child's profile | Login to updating billing info

What does my child sponsorship actually pay for?

Our goal is to create a loving, home environment for every child. A full sponsorship of $70/month takes care of everything one child needs to thrive: food, medicine, clothing, toys, books, school tuition, uniforms, and schoolbooks, an annual summer holiday, and participation in competitive and special events – sports, the arts, etc. Every dollar given to support a child is designated through the Homes of Hope fund, to improve the lives of these precious children, so even if you are not able to fully sponsor a child, signing up to partially sponsor a child at $35 a month does make a difference! Sponsor a child today!

Can I give a birthday or Christmas gift to the child I'm sponsoring? If so, how?

We welcome sponsors to make a donation of $20 to the Home of Hope fund. Your gift will be used to celebrate the childrens birthdays and Christmas. These gifts include a special outfit and some sweets, which will be shared with the children in their home. Click here to Give a Gift.

When does my commitment end?

If you need to terminate your sponsorship for any reason, you may do so at any time through your online account or by contacting Send Hope Now. When your child completes higher education or trade school, gets married or leaves to return to family, you will be sent a Leaving Letter. This specifically explains the next step in your child's life. In many cases, our children continue with us as employees, enter our Bible College or serve in our Homes of Hope.  A final letter from your child and a letter from our Bangalore office will accompany the Leaving Letter. Unfortunately, all communication with your child must cease at this time. 

What happens when my child turns 18?

Every child in the Home of Hope is given the opportunity to pursue higher education. Financial assistance from sponsors and Send Hope Now is caped once they complete a bachelor's degree. Depending on what age your child is when they complete their 12th standard (high school), your child will be either 23 or 24 when financial support will be cancelled. A final letter will be sent to sponsors and asked if they would like to sponsor another child in great need.

What if I miss one of my monthly donations?

We understand that everyone has things come up from time to time. If you are unable to make your recurring contribution, please be assured that your donation will be covered through our Urgent Needs Fund. If you are financially able, we can assist you in making a one-time backdated donation for any missed recurring donations. If you need to stop contributing for a time, please let us know. Or if it becomes necessary, we can also suspend donations for up to three months; this option is available upon request. You will still be able to continue to write to your child. Simply resume your contribution when you are able and please contact us when you have done so. 

I want to make a large donation, how should I do this?

As an additional fraud protection measure for our sponsors we have set a maximum donation amount of $2,000. If you would like give a donation gift larger than this, please contact us and will be happy to override this "maximum" to help you process your donation.

Building a Relationship

How do I log in to view information and photos of the child I sponsor?

Select "Login" from the header menu and click on "My Child's Profile". If this is your first time accessing the CCT Homes of Hope database, please click "Forgot Password" to create a new password. You will need to know your email address to create a new password and access your account. If you experience any difficulties logging in, or have forgotten the email address used to sign up for sponsorship, please contact us for assistance.

Check out these video tutorials on how to: Login to view your child's profile | Login to updating billing info

Can I visit my sponsored child?

We are currently not offering any short-term missions. Due to the political climate in India it is not safe to take teams to our Homes of Hope, or even into the country.

Can I send gifts to India?

No. Gifts that are received can cause jealousy among the children who do not have sponsors. If you would like to send a gift, we ask that you send extra money designated for your child's special occasion or some other significant event (celebrating a school accomplishment for example.) The Home of Hope caregivers for your children will purchase an item and present it from you. Please keep your expenditure to $20.

Why can't I continue writing to my child upon his or her departure?

This policy protects both child and sponsor. Sometimes when children leave our care, they encounter neighbors, friends, or extended family members who encourage them to request funds from you.

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What is a "CD4 count"?

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India Ministry Information

What is Calvary Chapel Trust?

You may have see Calvary Chapel Trust (CCT) on the letterhead from your sponsored beneficiary. Calvary Chapel Trust is the registered name for our India operations and asset-holding entity.

What are the Homes of Hope?

Homes of Hope are the orphanages that the children (orphans) receive the love and care they need for survival and growth. Currently, there are 20 Homes of Hope (HoH) and more than 782 children (219 partially sponsored, 237 are not sponsored, and 326 are fully sponsored) under the care of Calvary Chapel Trust, supported by Send Hope Now. This information will be updated on a quarterly basis. (Last Update: May 2019)