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These men have moved to remote villages and slums to live among those they serve. Their meager salaries help them plant churches, open Children's Education Centers and reach the HIV-infected community with monthly nutrition kits.

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Give a one-time gift or monthly support

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Assist families living in the communities surrounding our Homes of Hope orphanages who are suffering from HIV/AIDS, and are too sick to work, or are malnourished.

Nutrition Kits include milk powder, horlicks (powdered drink supplement), refined oil, wheat flour, dhal (made from dried split legume seeds), soap, baby oil, biscuits, and other essentials based on the needs of the community.

$15/month: Give a one-time gift or recurring payments


Education Centers

Thousands of children and families are reached every week at Children’s Centers (open Sundays) or at Education Centers (open after school during the week). These centers share the Gospel, hand out nutrition kits, and help children with their studies and practical life skills.  For many children, this is the only education they will ever receive. For many families these centers are life changing.

Give a one-time gift or monthly support

We've got your goat!

Give a widow and poverty-stricken families nutrition and a sustainable means of income. 

Sheep can have up to 2 lambs per year
Goats can have up to 6 kids per year
Both produce milk, that can be used to make cheese and also be sold for profit
Sheep's wool and goat fur can be used to make garments.
Manure can be used as a fertilizer for gardening.
Manure can be sold to local farmers for fertilizer.
Breeding and selling can bring in added profit.

$150/pair of goats or sheep



Safes for School

Help support the bible college in India. 100% of donations go to support the students (including academic and facility expenses). 

Safes that have been slightly scratched or dented in shipping cannot be sold for retail. Rhino Metals, Inc. has graciously donated these safes to Send Hope Now to use in fundraising. Safes vary in size and are available for pick-up in Boise, ID. See Example

Please fill out the interest form and a Send Hope Now team member will contact you.